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The main room at WaveLab Recording is a 1,540-plus square foot space including open control room, an isolation room, and additional iso booths for amplifiers. With an extensive gear list featuring both analog and digital equipment, we are set up to handle anything from solo singer/songwriters to small orchestras. The open control room floor plan eliminates many of the distractions that often prevent artists from concentrating on their music, and the versatility of our layout allows for many options.

In addition to being a versatile recording complex, WaveLab is a player’s fun house with cool instruments on every wall and in every corner, just waiting to be played.

Whether you are looking to make an all-analog or all-digital recording, or you want to combine the best of both worlds, we are here to assist in making your dream record come to life.

Players, check out the instrument page.

Engineers, check out the gear list below.

  • Daking 1112 Console
  • Neve 5060 Console
  • MCI JH16/24:  2” Tape Machine
  • Ampex 440: ¼” 2 Track
  • AvidPro Tools: HD2 Pro Tools 8
  • Digi Designs: 192 I/O and 96 I/O x2
  • Apogee: Rosetta 200
  • ATC: 20SL
  • Audix: 3A
  • Auratone: 5C
  • Yamaha: NS-10M
Mic Pre’s
  • Avalon: AD 2022
  • Daking: Mic-Pre/EQx2
  • D.W. Fearn: VT-2
  • LaChapell Audio: 992
  • True Systems: P2 Analog, PT2 500, and PT2 500D
  • Universal Audio: LA-610, 2-610, and 4-710d
  • Chandler: Germanium Tone Control
  • Empirical Labs: Lil FreEQ
  • Louder Then Liftoff: Chop Shop
  • Rane: PE15 x5
  • Spectra Sonic: 500 x2
  • Urei: 545
  • Allen Smart: C1
  • BMD: Komit
  • Daking: FET II x2
  • DBX: 160 x2
  • Empirical Labs: Distressor x2
  • Groove Tubes: The Glory Comp
  • Purple Audio: MC77
  • Retro: STA-Level
  • Summit Audio: DCL-200
  • Universal Audio: 1176LN, LA-2A, and LA-3A x2
  • Urei: LA3A and LA-4 x3
  • AKG: BX-20 Spring Reverb
  • Ecoplate: Ecoplate II Plate Reverb
  • AEA: R44C and N22 x2
  • AKG: D 12 and D 112
  • Ashman Acoustics: SOM50
  • Audio-Technica: 3035 x2, 4040 x2, 4047-SV, 4050
  • Audix: D1, D2, D3, D4, D6, and i5
  • Beyer Dynamic: M 260
  • Blue: Cactus, Dragonfly x2, Kiwi, and Mouse
  • Brawner: Phantom V
  • Cloud: JRS34, JRS34 48v
  • Earthworks: TC30 x2
  • Electrovoice: RE20
  • Josephson: C42
  • Krowly & Tripp: Roswilite Naked Eye
  • Lawson: LM 47
  • McHugh: AMM-68 x2
  • Mojave: MA-100 x2, MA-201, MA-300, and MA-301
  • Pearl: DT-40
  • Royer: R-121, R-122, and SF12
  • SE Electronics: VR2 x2
  • Sennheiser: 421 x4, e609, and e604 x4
  • Shure: 315, Beta 56, Beta 91, Green Bullet, SM7, SM 57 x 5, and SM 58 x4
  • Soundelux: PTM and U97

We also have many more old and strange microphones.