Studio B

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WaveLab’s back room/Studio B offers clients a little bit of everything. The space can handle mixing and light-tracking projects, while also doubling as a kitchen, break room, and occasional sleeping area for visiting artists.

For mixing, we have a Rupert Neve Design 5060, an excellent summing mixer. Additional equipment and instruments are negotiable.

This option is great for lower-budget projects where self-recorded tracks need to sound their best.

Are you mixing at home on your computer? Bring your tracks down and run them through the Neve for that Big Wide Sound you can’t get in the box.

Regardless of your recording needs, WaveLab Studios offers a wide range of services and scenarios for all artists and projects.


  • Rupert Neve Designs: 5060
  • Apogee: Ensemble
  • Apogee: Rosetta 200
  • Avid: Pro Tools 10
  • Focal: CMS 50
  • SE Electronics: Munro Sonic Egg 150
  • LA Audio: Classic Compressor